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Frequently Asked Questions

Our office is located at 614 Frelinghuysen Ave Suite 16W | Newark, NJ 07114. We will inform of a pick up date when your car is ready and you can pick it up at our offices.

We do offer free delivery service within a limit of 25 miles from our location. If you are outside of our delivery radius there will be an additional charge.

Your vehicle can be serviced at any authorized dealer in the United States.

Your monthly payments are made to the bank that is financing the purchase or leasing of the vehicle. For most new car purchases and leases the car manufacturer acts as the financing bank, so in those cases the payment will be made to them.

Depending on the manufacture, the monthly lease payment includes mileage of 10,000 miles per year up to 15,000 per year. If you require additional mileage it may be purchased at the inception of the lease. If you go over your mileage during your lease you will be required to pay for the extra mileage.

Each new vehicle or lease comes with a standard manufacturer's warranty. If you are with the limitations of the warranty you should contact your local authorized dealer. If you are outside the limitations of your warranty please contact us for a referral to a certified mechanic or body shop.

$0 Down" means that you are not putting any money towards the monthly payment. You are financing the entire lease. The money due at signing is simply for inception fees, and the first month payment.

Inception fees are the fees that you pay when you accept delivery of your new vehicle. They consist of the first month payment, Bank Fee, Documentation Fee, Taxes, and DMV fees, all but the DMV and the First Month Payment, can be rolled into your Monthly Payment if you so choose.

A bank fee is charged by the respective bank offering the lease. Basically an application fee. This fee can not be waived however it can be capped into your monthly payments.

Yes, company information provided upon request.

Yes, please see the services page for our offerings.

There is no specific guideline for credit approval. Generally you should have a credit score over 600. Bankruptcies, tax liens, late payments, missed payments and child support are some of the things that may affect you from being approved.

Yes. You may request a "Sign & Drive" Lease, dependent on the Manufacturers Monthly Lease Program.

Yes. Simply request a plate transfer from us at the time we price your new Vehicle.

Since our inception in 2006 we have grown to do a large volume of sales. From our large volume of sales we are able to use it as leverage to get special wholesale pricing on vehicles. We simply pass those savings to you.

Yes, new and pre-owned at unbelievable savings to you.